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Click here to buy Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Cabin Tent by Campex (BD) Limited.
Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Cabin Tent
Manufacturer: Campex (BD) Limited
Model #: 0089745400185
In stock at on 1-19-2018.
Buyer Reviews
We've used the tent twice now, in two very different weather conditions. First, let's talk about setup. It'd been about 15 years since I'd set up a tent, and my only helper on this tent was going to be my 10 year-old son. We did a test run in the backyard, and I also applied seam sealer. The first setup probably took about an hour, which was cut down to 1/2 hour on subsequent setups. This was with very minimal help from my son and would be much easier for two adults. I believe the instructions tell you to stake the corners first, but you'll have a much straighter floor if you stake the middle \"square inch of the tent first, then work your way out. Don't stake the mud mat until after setup. Also, I replaced all the stakes with heavier Coleman ones. I used a 20 x 10 tarp underneath, and had to fold a little under since the tent is not rectangular.Now, for size. This tent is a monster. You could fit three queen mattresses and still have room for your gear. Our first time out we had a queen mattress on either side of the tent, and the middle section contained two chairs, a table, two big storage containers, backpacks and various other items. The side doors are plenty large enough to bring in fully-inflated queen mattresses. If going to a campground, make sure you have a campsite large enough for this tent. Our first time we were at a state park with only a few other campers due to cold weather, so we got our pick of sites. There were probably only three campsites in the whole park that could accommodate this tent.And everyone's favorite question: weather. The first outing was in early spring, but conditions were still quite cold and it was 30-40 degrees at night. I was under no delusion that this tent would be toasty, and this is why we had a propane camping heater. However, there is way too much ventilation to keep any heat in. The entire top of the tent is mesh and air continuously flows through under the rainfly. This air flow, combined with the windows and doors should be great ventilation in warm weather. I did manage to improvise and dramatically cut down the air flow by removing the rainfly and draping two lightweight blankets over the tent, then replacing the rainfly. Still, do not take this tent out for cold-weather camping if you want to be comfy. Choose a smaller dome tent that has much less roof ventilation.The second outing was in late spring, very pleasant temps, so we still haven't tested the ventilation on those wonderful hot summer days. We did, however, experience a storm with a tremendous amount of rain. Many other tents around us were flooded and/or collapsed, but we were bone dry. One thing I had done was stake down the flaps on the two side doors, since we weren't going to need them open for ventilation. Staking the flaps down pulls them out slightly from the mesh doors, making the rain run off instead of collecting and soaking through the doors. Also, I made sure to get the rainfly as taut as possible. This seemed to be the issue with the other odd-shaped tents that got flooded at the campsite. Their rainflies were loose and lying on the top of the tents, collecting water.If the \"3-Room inch feature is what's guiding your decision, you will be disappointed. There are two room dividers that tie to the walls, but they are thin grey nylon that you can still see through. Also, they don't go to the top of the tent, so you can see right over the divider when you are standing up. So, if it's complete privacy you want, forget it. The dividers might be good if you have young kids that love the idea of having their own room in the tent. Other than that, they're kind of useless.All in all, a great tent, especially for the money.
Product Features
  • 1 center door and 2 side doors
  • Sleeps 10
  • Measures 20' x 10'