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LED Lenser H14R Rechargeable Headlamp
Model #: IK-530981
In stock at Cabelas on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
A versatile, water-resistant headlamp that features innovative Advanced Focus System (AFS) technology. AFS is a patented reflector/lens combination that allows you to focus light into a narrow beam for long-range illumination, or create a wide, circular softer beam that's ideal for reading or navigating around obstacles in the dark. Smart Light Technology™ offers eight programmable output settings that range from an ultrabright 850 lumens able to cast a beam of light up to 300 meters, to a low setting of 60 lumens that can be seen up to 70 meters away. The headband system has an over-the-head strap for extra support. Runs up to four hours on the highest setting and up to 40 hours on the lowest. Power is supplied by the included USB charger and rechargeable battery pack or four AA NiMH 1.2-volt batteries.
Estimated recharge time: 8 hours.  
Weight with batteries: 11.99 oz.
Product Features
  • Highly versatile with eight light settings
  • Program output from 60 to 850 lumens
  • Adjust beam from narrow to a wide circle
  • Rechargeable power supply