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Click here to buy Venetian Worldwide Grizzly Private Label +25°F - Rated Canvas Sleeping Bag by Venetian Worldwide.
Venetian Worldwide Grizzly Private Label +25°F - Rated Canvas Sleeping Bag
Manufacturer: Venetian Worldwide
Model #: 40000
In stock at Home Depot on 3-26-2018.
Item Description
Enjoy the protection of a Grizzly and sleep like a bear. Youll be able to camp in comfort over three seasons of the year with the Grizzly Private Label +25°F Canvas Sleeping Bag, thanks to its soft flannel lining, roomy dimensions, and double layers of insulation. Staggered quilting helps keep out the cold and hold in the warmth. The bags hood has space to insert a pillow for extra camping coziness, and the zipper can be pulled from either the shoulder or the foot end of the bag. Extra-large draft tubes prevent chilly air from getting in along the zipper, and for maximum warmth you can cinch up the chest baffles close around your shoulders. In case the Grizzly +25° sleeping bag gets wet, 2 convenient hang-to-dry loops are attached at the bottom. This is a great go-to sleeping bag for your family camping trips.
Product Features
  • Toughest name in camping equipment and machine washable
  • Duck canvas shell and flannel lining
  • Double-layer offset quilting
  • Warm flannel inside lining
  • +25°F - rated canvas sleeping bag