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Ascend FS10 Sit-In Angler Kayak - Desert Storm
In stock at on 3-23-2018.
Item Description

Feature packed, performance kayak for anglers
Advanced "V"-style hull design - extended keel with aggressive strakes and performance rocker
Large, open cockpit for easy mobility
Easy one hand seat back adjustability
Deluxe Removable Seating System - comfortable ergonomic seat with upgraded rail integration and positive friction lock bungee hold downs
Hands-free, adjustable foot braces
Accessory rails
2 cleats - handy anchoring spot for minnow bucket or stringer
Weathertight Screw Out Deck Plate Storage
Bungee-secured storage in multipurpose sternwell and on bow
Dual paddle holders
Deep molded, dual-sized cup holder
2 molded-over rubber grip carry handles

Advanced Hull Design: Incorporates an extended keel with performance rocker and aggressive strakes for maximum maneuvering, tracking, stability, and ease of paddling.
Removable Seating System:
Advanced ergonomic design with upgraded adjustment and comfort. Deluxe seating can be utilized while ashore. Delivers maximum comfort for a full day on the water. Adjustable Foot Braces:Hands-free adjustable foot braces allow a comfortable fit for anyone approximately 5'2" to 6'2" in height.

Multipurpose Sternwell:
Includes recess for 12V sealed battery, 5 gallon bucket, baitwell, milk crate, cooler, or doubles as a general space for a dry bag.
Buyer Reviews
I bought this as my first fishing kayak for use on a fairly swift moving river, with several sets of rapids and two weirs for level control. The kayak was light enough to carry to the river by hand, and the cockpit is large enough to get in and out of the kayak easily ( I am 6'1" 240 lbs). It was very maneuverable and fast. It was an excellent purchase. Sadly, the kayak washed away in a flood a year ago. I bought a touring / fishing kayak to replace it, which turned out to be more expensive and less useful.