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Campvalley 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent
Model #: 0007650107342
In stock at on 6-19-2018.
Buyer Reviews
Though I am a retired infantry Marine that spent many years outdoors, and not much of a camper, I set this tent up for the first time on 1 July 2017. One man show set-up in less than 2 mins, even without reading the instructions. Very easy to set-up and break-down was less than 5 mins solo. Great price, easy setup, looks great, plenty of room, and just an awesome value. Only issue is that the porch flap is also the main door flap and it is either up as a porch covering or closed as a main door entrance. Wish they made main an extra vinyl door flap to use when the porch flap is up. Regardless, still a great buy for the price.
Product Features
Easy 60-second setup-10 person-14' x 10'