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Click here to buy Costway Outdoor Camping Hiking Portable Toilet Flush Potty by Costway.
Costway Outdoor Camping Hiking Portable Toilet Flush Potty
Manufacturer: Costway
In stock at on 6-11-2018.
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Buyer Reviews
When I unpacked it and filled it I found that the pump did not work at all. Then I discovered that it was leaking all over the place. How ever I received a quick and hassle free refund. Since we were needing it that very weekend I had it repaired witch cost more than the unit to begin with . The issues were that when the pump was manufactured glue used to secure the valves got into the valves causing them to not work and the leak was the result of a seal that had apparently deteriorated with age. After having it fixed it works OK.
Product Features
Our toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as Splash-Free operation and discharge. What's more, It is easy to use Push-Button Operation. This portable toilet is a great unit for anyone who despises using public Port-O-Potties or camps where there's no public facility. It is great