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DreamWave Venture Bluetooth Speaker/Two-Way Radio
Model #: IK-645820
In stock at Cabelas on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
Not only do you get a DreamWave two-way radio, this radio comes equipped with best-in-class 5-watt performance Bluetooth speakers so you can link them up with your electronic devices. These two-way radios have a three-mile range to keep in touch with friends. These units are IPX5 water, dust, sand and snow protected for durability. They run off a 3,600mAh rechargeable battery with a play time up to five hours. Hands-free calling and NFC ready with 360° omnidirectional sound processor. Hi-Fi sound and anti-distortion circuitry. Includes 3.5mm AUX. cable, charging cable and AC adapter.
5.75"L x 2.9"W x 1.71"D.
Available: Single, Two-Pack.
Product Features
  • 5-watt Bluetooth speakers
  • Two-way radios with a three-mile range
  • Water, dust, sand and snow protection