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Click here to buy Coleman Twin Packaway Cot with Side Table by COLEMAN.
Coleman Twin Packaway Cot with Side Table
Manufacturer: COLEMAN
Model #: 0007650106543
In stock at on 1-23-2018.
Buyer Reviews
This cot is made well, with durable materials and quality construction. It is an over-sized cot meaning it is both longer and wider than a usual little camping cot. This means your elbows can stay on the cot when you lay on your back!It is a bit heavy, but not more than I expected. It feels secure laying or sitting on it. There are no cross bars to grind into your back. (yea!) It is easy as all-get-out to set up and take down. Set it on it's side and unfold it and the legs move right into place. Folding back up is easy-peasy.There's a little side tray that you can put on, with the usual mesh cup holder and a flat area big enuf for a book and a light.It comes in a durable carrying sack, of the same quality you would expect from Coleman. It's very cool how little space it takes up when it's all packed up.I bought it to use not only for camping, but as a spare bed for when guests come. It's gonna work just fine!
Product Features
  • An extra bed inside or outside
  • Removable side table
  • Cup holder