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Camco Portable Toilet, 5.3 gal
Manufacturer: Camco
Model #: 0001471741541
In stock at on 7-31-2018.
Item Description

Camco Portable Toilet, 5.3 gal:
  • Designed for camping, Rving, boating or any other recreational activity
  • Its sturdy polyethylene construction is compact and lightweight
  • The 5.3 gal holding tank is detachable and includes a sealing slide valve to lock in odors and protect against leakage
  • Includes 2 side latches to secure the tank to the toilet and a carrying handle for easy transport
  • The portable toilet for boat employs an easy to use bellow-type flush and pull slide valve for easy flushing
  • The toilet measures 16.38H x 13.75W x 16.13D
  • It weighs 11.5 lbs empty
  • Included is a packet of Camco's TST biodegradable toilet chemical
  • Camco Portable Toilet, 5.3 gal, has a 1-year limited warranty
  • Model# 41541
Buyer Reviews
We go camping at least a couple times a year in a popup trailer and my wife and daughter have been nagging me for a portable toilet. When I bought the trailer used, a toilet came with it but it was disgusting just to look at and had all kinds of scum in mechanical crevasses. I got rid of it and just though these things had a high yuck factor. But the Camco toilet made our latest camping trip much more convenient. I am impressed by its ease of use. I am especially impressed with its very good design engineering to have it split into two parts that you can disassemble for cleaning. We have a septic system at home, so emptying the waste tank after a weekend camping outing is a breeze. It's nice and compact for fitting inside the popup, and as other reviewers noted, smell didn't seem to be a issue. This gadget has certainly made camping more comfortable.
Product Features
  • Designed for camping, Rving, boating or any other recreational activity
  • Sturdy polyethylene construction