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Click here to buy Venetian Worldwide Grizzly Private Label +0°F - Rated Ripstop Sleeping Bag by Venetian Worldwide.
Venetian Worldwide Grizzly Private Label +0°F - Rated Ripstop Sleeping Bag
Manufacturer: Venetian Worldwide
Model #: 40005
In stock at Home Depot on 3-26-2018.
Item Description
Enjoy the protection of a Grizzly and sleep like a bear. The Grizzly Private Label +0°F Ripstop Sleeping Bag offers the same style, features, and superior weather protection as its canvas counterpart, but with a lighter-weight shell. Comfort details include a generous flannel-lined hood with space to insert a pillow; lots of leg room; and cushy chest baffles that you can pull tight around your shoulders for added warmth. Hefty draft tubes keep cold air from getting in along the industrial-strength zipper-and the insulating microfiber fill material is quilted with offset seams to prevent the cold spots that can occur when stitching overlaps. Youll appreciate the top-quality materials and thoughtful details that go into this bag, like the hang-to-dry loops attached at the bottom. Stay snug in the Grizzly -0° Ripstop Sleeping Bag and enjoy the revitalizing nights rest that you need for maximum enjoyment of your camping experience.
Product Features
  • Toughest name in camping equipment and machine washable
  • Duck canvas shell and flannel lining
  • Double-layer offset quilting
  • Warm flannel inside lining
  • +0°F ripstop sleeping bag