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Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent
Model #: 0081742701521
In stock at on 2-16-2018.
Buyer Reviews
After much research and comparison to ALL makes and models I chose this tent. Like most reviewers I 'highly' recommend setting it up before use. 1st one had tear at top corner, but returned and replaced. Details: It is a true 14'x10' and about 45lbs in bag. Bag has a Velcro handle and extra zipper at the bottom to expand for easier fit in bag. No wheels on bag, but easy to carry. First glance at the pictures it seems the rain cover has square holes missing for coverage during rain. This concerned me, at first, to purchase or not. The 4 squares are actually clear vinyl (like a shower curtain) sewn onto the rain fly allowing top windows in tent to be open for light and ventilation yet still covered by rain fly during storm. Very cool/different feature from other tents. Should be listed for consumers to know. This is the ONLY tent I've found \"with inch complete zippered roof windows. All others are rain fly off for ventilation or view OR rain fly on to cover top windows for privacy. This tent has all windows with zippers. (1 con) The picture looks covered so I assume the model design changed, but the 2 triangles at top-end roof are windows. They are the only ones without zippers or cover, but still at 6' I have to stand right up to it to peek out. Can cover with rain fly like the rest if needed. Doors also have mesh with zippered cover. Should have pictures showing all features. There are padded elbow/leg covers on each roof joint. (see picture without rain fly) It has a durable floor with 1 1/2\"-2 inch height around entire bottom of tent (see pictures). If camping on thicker grass or surface which may be/get wet it wont seep through. Still recommend a tarp under always for extra/precautionary protection. Because of this bottom the 2 half-circle vents are much higher than others I've seen. Easily preventing any ricochet if raining coming from ground while still allowing airflow in tent. It has 3 storage pouches, 2 smaller in opposite right corners and a large attachable/detachable 9 envelope slot storage on back wall across from entrance. Includes room divider for privacy that covers from top to bottom. Others I've seen have large gaps at top or bottom. 1 cord inlet on front left. Installation: Do read instructions. Do watch video on 'Ozark Trail 10 person 2 room instant cabin tent (blue/orange)' They're identical in make/design but not features. Also, may want to print manual/instructions for parts on this make/model too but one is sewn into tent bag. Recommend 2 people on opposite sides working in unison, but can be done with a patient single person. All legs and joints 'concave' opposite themselves in installation and packing. Unfold left/right legs out twice carefully/slowly leaving center erect and start with center top poles pulling up slightly to lock round center disk. Do the same to the right to lock disk and left side. Only top 6 poles to make roof disks lock. Then, start at either end and pull top leg pole up while holding the bottom leg till orange button locks in place. Then, center then last side. Straighten out and position where needed and stake it down. Do buy/use stronger/longer stakes if windy or other weather conditions are a factor. The ones included are good enough for the guy lines for rain cover. Personal Opinion/Use: I chose this model for what \"I inch will be using it for. Mostly, Summer/Fall camping a couple times a year. I did buy longer/stronger stakes for stability during beach/windy camping and it didn't budge. Plenty sturdy with the 6-leg frame. There are some with 8 or more legs with a few more feet in length, but that may complicate unpacking/packing if that's a factor to you. I don't see it ever being used in rain/hail/wet conditions, but I did buy and treat it with water sealer/repellent to be prepared. Although, I do not see this tent leaking without. Outer window/roof seams are 2+ wider than where the zipper is on the inside (see pictures of close up at windows zipped/unzipped) and the door frame is the same. All seams are taped/sealed. Anyone 6' plus can stand and walk around from end to end. Others I've seen it's the first 3-4 feet at the middle entrance then angles downward at both ends. This tent makes maneuverability very easy for larger groups/families in the same space. Plenty of space for a couple of queen-size mattresses with gear and extras you use. Very easy to assemble with a helper & be careful and patient to get back to form to fit in the bag. It doesn't take very long with either process. Test it out to familiarize yourself with the process of unpacking/packing. You'll still beat others with poles (non-instant). I don't know why this is a factor to most people. You bought a portable shelter made of parachute material for a few hundred dollars and it has to be a race? Would you pack your parachute in 2 minutes and trust it to jump? The Dark Rest keeps the inside cool in sunlight and nice inside when cooler on the outside. Where I live/will camp is about 90 high-45 low degrees weather. Plenty of ventilation and light if needed. The dark is also convenient for early/late sleep, any time naps, killing glare or light if campers use media device (e.g. tablet, e-reader, phone, etc.) with many options from windows to roof to set the right amount of light exactly where 'you' want/need it. Very satisfied with the tent and extremely impressed with quality and features of this model. Highly recommend.
Product Features
  • Sets up in less than 2 minutes with a 78 inch center height
  • Sleeps 10
  • Fits 2 queen airbeds