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BioLite BaseCamp Stove
Model #: IK-532892
In stock at Cabelas on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
Make wood-fired meals and charge your electronic devices at the same time using BioLite's BaseCamp Stove. Side fuel entry leaves wood the perfect distance from the large cooking surface for perfectly made meals. BioLite's thermoelectric generator captures unused heat energy to produce a 5-watt output – enough to power headlamps, tablets, smart devices and more. If you don't need the power while you're cooking, don't worry – it will be stored for later. One-touch lever switches the heat from being dispersed across the cooking surface to concentrated in the center, allowing you to go from cooking dinner to boiling water with ease. Included USB light for nighttime cooking. Foldable legs let you change the cooking height and make the stove more compact for storage and transport. Made of stainless steel and cast iron.
23"H x 18.11"W x 17.52"D.
Ht. when legs folded: 15".
Cooking surface: 13.25" dia.
Wt: 20 lbs.

Product Features
  • Makes it easy to cook meals using biomass such as wood
  • Powers electronics by converting heat energy into electricity
  • Stores excess power so you can charge devices when not cooking
  • Grill/boil settings switch from dispersed to concentrated heat