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Click here to buy Coleman Folding Shovel by Coghlans LTD.
Coleman Folding Shovel
Manufacturer: Coghlans LTD
Model #: 0007650192231
In stock at on 8-4-2018.
Item Description

Coleman Folding Shovel:
  • Positive-fit locking collar for added safety
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Serrated edge for sawing
  • Size: 23
  • Folds down to 10
Buyer Reviews
I was planning on buying the G.I. Folding shovel but saw this at walmart and was hoping I could save a couple of bucks. But boy was I wrong. You really get what you pay for. As soon as i got home i went to the backyard to test this little baby out. As soon as i put it in the ground it gone and bent back a little bit. I was like ok maybe i need to twist the top a bit more to lock it in place. But when i looked at it a bit more I notice it looked a bit broke. And it was. It still works but now if i was to get it a bit wet like trying to clean it, water would get inside and rust the whole thing out. So just pay a few more bucks for the better stuff and dont waste your money on this.
Product Features
  • Positive fit locking collar
  • Serrated edge for sawing
  • Size: 23\"; folded size: 10\"