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Eureka! Spire LX Camp Stove
Model #: IK-533034
In stock at Cabelas on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
Enjoy a taste of the wild side – boil water, prepare coffee, warm up already-prepared foods and whip up delicious meals at camp with Eureka's two-burner Spire LX Camp Stove. Two gas burners deliver 10,000 BTU a piece and are spaced 11" apart, providing you with space enough to use one 10" to 12" pot and one 10" to 12" pan simultaneously – ensuring breakfast, lunch and dinner are served up quickly. Jetboil Luna Satellite burner (sold separately). Can easily be connected to make food prep even easier. Multiple Stove can also connect with the JetLink Hose Accessory (sold separately). Fuel tank not included.
21.5"L x 13.1"W x 4.2"H.
Wt: 12.4 lbs.
Product Features
  • Prepare delicious meals no matter where you are
  • Two burners deliver 10,000 BTU each and allow simultaneous use
  • Connect to an additional burner for added space and convenience