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Click here to buy  96 inch Black Kayak Paddle with Wrist Tether.
96 inch Black Kayak Paddle with Wrist Tether
Model #: 802634
In stock at Home Depot on 3-26-2018.
Item Description
Have more fun in the water with the Kuda 96 in. Kayak Paddle with Wrist Tether. Easy to store and transport, the shaft separates into two halves, so you can easily get the 8 ft. Paddle into the car. The separating design makes Kuda Symmetrical Paddle a great option to keep as a spare in case the worst happened when out on the water. The Kayak Paddle has a lightweight aluminum shaft with symmetrical paddles. The paddles are constructed of polyethylene that have been reinforced with fiberglass, and have been made UV stable, so they wont degrade in the sun. Three adjustable paddle positions lock in place, and can be changed based on conditions and experience. The paddles have a feathered, spoon shape, which can help to reduce fatigue in the water. Adjustable rubber drip guards keep your hands dry, and help keep your grip secure. The included Wrist Tether stretches up to 5 ft, so even if you do let go, you wont lose your paddle to the rapids. A plastic hook on one end attaches to you or the boat, and a hook and loop clasp on the other wraps around the paddle shaft.
Product Features
  • Easy to store and transport, the shaft separates into 2 halves
  • Great option for the casual user or to keep as a spare in case of emergencies
  • Paddle leash included, stretches up to 5 ft., with plastic clip and hook and loop clasp
  • Paddle positions are adjustable to accommodate experience level and conditions
  • Adjustable paddles have 3 locking positions, left or right feathered, and non-feathered
  • Feathered blades with spoon shape allows for more efficient stroke
  • Adjustable rubber drip rings keeps your hands dry and you grip secure
  • 1-1/8 in. diameter round shaft, constructed of T6 blade aluminum
  • Paddles constructed of fiberglass reinforced-polyethylene that is UV Stable, measure 18.5 in. L x 7.5 in. W