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Click here to buy Ozark Trail 16x16 Instant Cabin Tent Sleeps 12 by Bohemian Travel Gear Limited.
Ozark Trail 16x16 Instant Cabin Tent Sleeps 12
Manufacturer: Bohemian Travel Gear Limited
Model #: 0081742701119
In stock at on 1-19-2018.
Buyer Reviews
Bought this Tent, for the size, price,and ease of use! Took it out about three weeks ago, and it was very easy to set up, the longest part about setting it up was putting down all the stakes. Take my Advice, go out and buy some heavy,bigger stakes! Set up went good, Lot's of room, Had 2 other couples stay with us, everyone had their own room with no complaints. Rained most of the weekend, with a HUGE wind storm. Had to sleep in a buddy's pop-up the last night because of the how cold it got,and that night with the 55 mph winds I had to get up in the middle of the night to check on it, because of the thought it was destroying my new tent. But the only issue was the cheap stakes coming undone in certain parts that i didn't replace with the good ones. So, once i put in the good stakes i went back to bed and left it to fate. The next morning the tent was still there, still held down, and minimal specs of water in the tent, due to the wild wind blowing rain up underneath the rain flap. My verdict, if it could survive that storm and still stay standing without a flood inside my tent. It was one AWESOME tent!! Couldn't be Happier!
Product Features
  • Sleeps 12
  • Fits 3 queen airbeds
  • 3-room tent