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Click here to buy BergHOFF Everslice 12 inch Flexible Fillet Knife by BergHOFF.
BergHOFF Everslice 12 inch Flexible Fillet Knife
Manufacturer: BergHOFF
Model #: 1302105
In stock at Home Depot on 3-26-2018.
Item Description
With the EverSlice knife series, we offer a set of long-lasting, precision knives that are ideal for outdoor use. A perfect companion for hunting and fishing trips, this flexible, tapered, 11.75 in. filleting knife is designed to work around fragile bones and cuts cleanly through meat and fish without tearing or ripping. Designed and tested in the field by actual hunters and fishermen, the EverSlice line is built from the ground up to be the perfect set of blades for the true outdoorsman.
Product Features
  • 11.75 in. stainless steel blade features a titanium PVD ceramic coating for a peerless mix of strength and flexibility
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip handle crafted from polypropylene for maximum grip and comfort
  • Built to handle any weather, temperature, or adverse condition
  • Prototyped and tested in the field, under actual, practical use
  • Includes nylon sheath for safe, convenient transport
  • Easily cleaned in soap and water