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Click here to buy Ozark Trail 12 Person 2 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room.
Ozark Trail 12 Person 2 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room
Model #: 0081742701235
In stock at on 1-19-2018.
Buyer Reviews
This tent design is a great idea in theory, but in execution there are some serious deficiencies.What I liked about this tent:1. Surprisingly compact and extremely easy to setup and take down.2. The storage case is durable and has wheels at the bottom to make moving easy.3. The tent is very well ventilated.What I do not like about this tent:1. The front screen porch does not have windows that can be zipped up. If it rains and the tent entry is not closed, rain blows inside the tent and the floor of the screened porch collects water which does not drain. To remove the water I had to remove the two front stakes and collapse the two front support poles and lift the floor so that the water could drain towards the mesh that is part of the floor right in front of the tent door.2. The rain fly should be about 1 foot longer on all four sides. If it is raining and there is any wind you can only unzip the windows about1 inch, otherwise the rain blows through the windows.3. The material for the windows inside the tent when unzipped open just lays on the floor. There is no way to roll up the windows material and secure it so that you do not step on while it inside the tent.Here are the most serious problems with this specific tent:1. If you setup the tent with the back of the tent towards the wind, any wind in excess of a slight to moderate breeze causes back side bow into the tent interior about 1 foot. I would estimate the wind speed that I experienced to be between 15-20 mph.2. In my opinion there are not enough staking points along the backside of the tent. The tent is only staked at each end and in the center. In the wind that I experienced the back side was blown in and the floor was also blown in and raised. This may not appear to be a big issue, but the space inside the tent is reduced by about 1 foot.3. The top of the tent where the four main support poles pivot has a bracket with an arm to support each of the support poles. These brackets for the braces are under engineered, or are made of a poor quality plastic in my opinion. Within 3 hours of setting up the tent the back center support pole collapsed due to the bracket on the top hinge point breaking. I was able to attach a nylon clothes line and make a guy wire to keep this pole rigid.I cannot recommend this tent to be used if the wind speed is above 10-12 mph, if you have to setup the tent with the wind blowing against the back of the tent. You may be able to alleviate this issue if you setup the tent with one of the ends facing the wind as their will be less surface area for the wind to press again. Again, I would install guy wires on these poles to reduce the stress on the poles.If you \"must inch setup with the back facing the wind, I \"strongly recommend inch that you attach a guy wire on all 3 pole that support the back of the tent using heavy spikes.I hope that you found this review useful.Thanks,MarkPahoa, HI
Product Features
  • Sets up in under 2 minutes
  • Sleeps 12
  • Construction: polyester, steel