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Click here to buy Coleman Twin Cot Cat Framed Airbed by COLEMAN.
Coleman Twin Cot Cat Framed Airbed
Manufacturer: COLEMAN
Model #: 0007650111163
In stock at on 1-23-2018.
Buyer Reviews
I made the mistake of thinking that since this cot was the size of a twin bed, I could treat it like a twin bed and use sheets and a blanket instead of a sleeping bag, expecially since there is room between the cot and the mattress case to tuck sheets. Do Not make the same mistake in any weather. The plastic cover of the air mattress will suck the heat out of your body like sleeping on a block of ice, and even in low humidity will condense water out of the air and make the sheets damp. You have to have the equivalent of a padded sleeping bag between you and the mattress to stay warm and/or dry. Once I realized that, (by the third night of a camping trip) I slept very comfortably. Lots of room to move around on this cot, and you never bang your elbows on the frame. Also, it's very easy to set up and the included battery powered pump (batteries not included) inflates and deflates it very quickly.
Product Features
  • Great for camping
  • Easy to use