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Click here to buy Coleman Converta Suspension Cot by COLEMAN.
Coleman Converta Suspension Cot
Manufacturer: COLEMAN
Model #: 0007650109742
In stock at on 1-23-2018.
Buyer Reviews
I use this in my back yard and it's been wonderful to sit out in. It's comfortable enough to sleep on and with a thin cushion, it would be really hard to beat for camping. For getting my vitamin D it's perfect. I haven't found it too difficult to get it open but I'm in fairly good shape for a petite woman. I just make sure to lock the legs into place, flatten the middle out as much as possible, then place on the ground and use some weight to flatten the rest of the way. Only once has one of the legs tried to fold back up on me but I still check to make sure before I sit on it. The adjustable head rest is the most complicated part in my opinion, but it's easy enough. You do have to get up to adjust it though. I don't mind it for the quality and comfort otherwise. Plus, the way it hooks seems pretty sturdy. I wouldn't sit on that end or anything, but for my upper body, it's perfectly adequate. It seems like it will hold up for a while too.
Product Features
  • Flexible bungee suspension system delivers incredible support
  • 4 back and 2 foot positions