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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
Model #: IK-533606
In stock at Cabelas on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
Never satisfied, Black Diamond continues to keep up with the demands and technologies you're looking for in lighting. Their redesigned Spot Headlamp has all the same features as the original, but with a powerful 300 lumens on the maximum setting, an improved peripheral lens for close-range use and a brightness memory that remembers the last setting. PowerTap™ Technology lets you transition between full and dimmed power to instantly adjust the brightness to match the scenario. One QuadPower LED, one DoublePower white LED and one SinglePower red LED provide ample illumination in any situation. Red nightvision setting has proximity and strobe settings and activates without cycling through a white-light mode, preserving your nightvision. Low-profile design uses three AAA batteries (included). IPX8 waterproof-rated construction survives water immersion down to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
Wt: 3.2 oz.
Colors: Dark Olive, Matte Black, Octane.
Product Features
  • Redesigned with 300 lumens, improved lens and brightness memory
  • PowerTap Technology allows you to instantly adjust the brightness
  • Access the nightvision setting without cycling through a white light
  • Lightweight, low-profile and waterproof construction
  • Convenient three-level power meter at startup